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02/19/12 12:48 PM #1    


Layne Young

Welcome to the forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/01/12 10:06 PM #2    


Velma Mehaffey (Shaia)

Hi Martine,

My daughter, grandson and father will be there with me.  I just posted the payment for both the dinner Friday night and the picnic on Saturday.  We'll be staying with my father for most of the trip but will stay at the hotel Friday night in case Megan has to take Ashton to the room.  We will be there for drinks at the hotel bar on Thursday night.  My father loves the oysters there!

I can't wait to see everyone!  It will be fun!  I hope a lot of people can join us at the hotel bar on Thursday night!  Spread the word!

See you soon!


08/11/21 06:09 AM #3    


Anthony Bellantoni

Greetings from Amherst, Maine.  Wanted everyone to know I am still alive and kicking.  I hope to see everyone for the big 50 and maybe shake a leg.

08/11/21 02:23 PM #4    


Bobbie Jean DeHaven

Hey there! happy to here from you, hope you are able to come to the reunion.All the furniture that I grew up with in our house was from, your family store! Here we are blessed to be alive and healthy enough to talk about it Tony




02/15/2022 I have plans to come to our 50th reunion!!!!

08/12/21 12:22 PM #5    


Barry Moss

Planning to go to 50th reunion!! Can't wait to see my friends!! 😊

12/05/21 07:26 PM #6    


Robert Goodwin

Dear Fellow Classmates  of 72' 

I will not be attending the "class of 72 " reunion next year , September will not work for me, But I hope to attend the circle of friends reunion in May , so I am hoping I can see as many fellow Buena students as possible during that Time. 

     I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy 2022, and hope the Class of 72 reunion will be a big succsess and everyone enjoys their time with each other !!! 

 Peace and Happiness to you all !  

Bob Goodwin 

08/10/22 08:12 PM #7    


Valerie Fleming (Davisson)

Even though I can't attend, I am happy to donate to the class gift of trees and bench. I remember how hot it got there and some shade is a great idea as a class gift!  I'm sure everyone will have a great time!



08/11/22 03:44 AM #8    


Janet King (Blair)

August 11, 2022:   Hello All Class of '72ers:  

For the 50th reunion, I will be flying in to Tucson from Raleigh, North Carolina.  Are there any North Carolina Reunion attendees that will be at the TUS airport on Thursday, September 29, 2022 heading to Sierra Vista? I will have a rental car and would be glad to share my ride.  

Looking forward to this visit !  

Janet King



10/06/22 07:27 AM #9    


Anthony Bellantoni

Fello classmates.  I can only say wow.  What a wonderful time I had.  I still can not stop smiling.


10/07/22 10:27 AM #10    


Suzanne Levinson

I am still smiling, too, and wiping away a few tears (of laughter and sadness) after watching the videos of our time together. Thank you to Layne for the videos, to all of you for the photos, which should keep us in these moments for a few years. And to everyone who made this happen, huge gratitude. Hope to see you all again. 

10/07/22 12:53 PM #11    


Nancy Dobbins

I was unable to attend the reunion, but would like to come to the next event in May.  Is it called "Buena Friends?" Could someone post the details here?  I am unable to find them.

Nancy Dobbins

10/07/22 06:02 PM #12    


Denise Vidlak (Yardy)

Huge thank you to all of you that worked tirelessly to make this a most memorable was over-the-top amazing.  I'm so grateful for the friendships, the  laughter, conversations and so much love. I feel fortunate and blessed that we were able to gather Sunday morning for a beautiful memorial service for our missing classmates. Thank you, Emory, for leading this with such grace and kindness. Layne, Suzanne, Martine Mary Beth, and so many other volunteers...thank you for a very special and cherished time together. Just...perfect!

10/08/22 12:30 PM #13    

Karen Smith

On behalf of my sister, Marla Smith BHS class of 1972 put on a class act 50th reunion! I love the talk that Emory Davis gave "date of birth, date of death" vs. "date of birth to date of transition ". Suzanne Levinson, your memory of Marla made me laugh. 

While Marla wasn't there physically, she was there in spirit. I am blessed to have had her as my sister. Again, many thanks for the dedication and photos. Our reunion will be in 2 years for Class of 1974, time has flown since high school days.

Karen (Sue) Smith








10/09/22 05:56 PM #14    


Barry Moss

Hi!! Sorry I couldn't attend 50th!! My daughter was having extreme morning sickness!! We had to go to san jose and help!! Hey,Karen how are you doing? I heard it was great!! Layne and company Thanks for the pictures!! Almost like being there!!😊

10/10/22 10:19 AM #15    


Laurie Smith (Iwatake)

This 50th reunion was phenomenal - I knew it would be.  So many people worked so hard to make it great.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Loved your drone, Layne!!

I get so emotional at these reunions because I’m so attached to our Buena class of 1972.  It was great reconnecting with classmates and friends and now we can visit those who live close to Tucson.

03/05/23 09:10 AM #16    


Anthony Bellantoni

Fellow classmates.  I am writing my memoirs (I know, retired and a long winter).  I am attempting to identify my elemetary school teachers.  Village Meadows, grades two through five (I may have attended Carmichel for second grade).  If you wish to read what I have so far send me an email.



03/06/23 11:37 AM #17    


Robert Goodwin

Hi Tony ,

    Bob Goodwin here ..... I think its great your writing your Memoirs !  I went to Carmichael elem. Starting in the 2nd grade, I do not remember very many of the students exept the ones I hung around with . I remember Marlin Young , Robert Richardson , Dennis means , and a few others , I don't think I have my class picture from 2nd grade. I remember we had to go to ft. Hauchiuca in  6th grade due to overcrowding in SV . It was in old hospital

  Bldg.s . I wish I could be of more help to ya, I would love to see what you have written !  

Take care ,

    BOb Goodwin  

03/06/23 11:39 AM #18    


Robert Goodwin


   LOL  i forgot to give my email  here tis. 

Bob G. 

03/06/23 07:55 PM #19    


Dorothy Loveless (Robinson)

Hey Tony, I would like to read what you have. This is Dorothy (Loveless) Robinson by the way. I went to Village Medows, Carmichael, and also went to hospital school....LOL. We had Mr Brett and Mr. Baxter.  I loved that year. I remember they gave us exam rooms and (in groups) we were assigned a country we could do decorate the rooms in. Then we all got to tour all the rooms when they were done. is my e mail. Thanks, Dorothy

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