Post 50 Year Reunion Survey

As always time marches on - 50 year reunion was a fun one.  We were able to connect and make a difference in the SV community, Now it's time to move on.  This survey is about next steps.  For those who are interested in staying connected whether loosely or actively involved, boom!, please help us out.

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1)   I attended the 50 year reunion.

2)   If you attended, what thoughts and reactions do you have?

3)   Are you aware of the Circle of Friends event each year held in an SV park for reunions of all BHS years? Check it out Facebook: Sierra Vista's Circle of Friends (admin is '72's own Frank Vega).

Yes No
Go to Facebook: Sierra Vista's Circle of Friends (
4)   Are you aware of the Facebook site: Buena/Sierra Vista Obits? (admin is Doug Stephens)

Yes No
Best info of classmates passing (
5)   Currently, we have photos from all reunions (see Class Photos tab above). Do you have additional reunion photos you would like to share?

  Yes, send to
  Yes, I'll upload them through the site

You can upload through the site - if you can't figure it out send us a note (on the left where it says 'Contact Us')
6)   Are you aware that you can download photos from this site?


Go to Class Photos tab, pick year, find pic, download.
7)   Would you be willing to help with the website? (simple edits or admin) just to share the workload.

  Yes, simple things
  Yes, admin functions

(simple things like captions on photos or being an admin)
8)   It's too soon to start planning, but in general would you be interested in a 5 year reunion (2027)?

  Yes, attending sounds good
  Yes, attending and helping out
  I'd have to wait and see
  Probably not

Life (that is family, medical, work, finances, etc) will always be part of our lives, however, having the opportunity to look forward to something fun is nice.
9)   Would you be interested in regional destination reunions every year or two? (For example, an informal mini-reunion as part of a trip to a national park or some exciting city?) If so, what sounds good?

We've done mini-reunions to Las Vegas and New Orleans. Some places are not for everyone - but it could be the start for something fun!!