In Memory

Marla Smith

I wanted to captivate her life, she loved life even though her body failed her. She wanted nothing more than to be a wife and a Mother. She had success at that, she raised 3 sons. I was blessed to have her as my sister.

A couple of things about her:

  • Most dreaded words out of her mouth “I’m going to tell Mom”
  • She nick named me “Turkey Buzzard” and I nick named her “Goose”
  • She had a brown thumb, I have a green thumb.
  • She was 7 inches shorter than I am.
  • If Mom & Dad took us 4 kids outside and said “looks it’s sunny outside” as they point to the sky. Gary (BHS Class of 1970) and Marla would say “Yes Mom and Dad, it’s sunny out”. Bill (BHS class of 1971 and me BHS Class of 1974) would say “it’s sunny but there’s clouds in the sky. Bill and I gave our folks a run for their $$. Marla and Gary were easy, peasy to raise.
  • She had a diary. Gary would pick the lock and read it  😃
  • When she’d discipline her kids, it was the ol “I’m going to count to 3”. She was pretty soft with them sometimes.

Karen (sister)